CineBrand produce personalised videos to promote your brand and services on websites and social media.  In addition to Branding Videos, CineBrand produce Music Videos, Wedding Videos, Training Videos, Webinars, or Marketing Videos to satisfy your specific needs.


While there are dozens of companies who produce corporate videos and advertising, CineBrand takes a different approach.  We write, plan and produce a personalised Branding Video, or whatever kind of Video your business requires, to tell the story of your business and services.  

Or, we can advise you on designing your brand and marketing, with or without video content.  

We also offer a range of services, including: Blogging, Copy Writing, Editing, Script Writing & Script Coverage, as well as Consulting, for customers designing their website and branding (or re-branding) their business.  



The Social Media revolution of the last ten years - Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc. - and the role of Video in Search-Engine-Optimisation (SEO), has made Video an all-important component of marketing campaigns.  

While large companies can afford to create regular advertising across all media - On-Line, Print, TV, etc. - small businesses must utilise cost-effective marketing to grab the attention of their intended audience, and make their business STAND OUT to customers using search engines like Google and Yahoo.  

A professional-looking, low-cost Video is the most effective way to share your story with customers, or clients, you want to impress. 

CineBrand utilises a cinematic style to present the benefits and services offered by your business, creating a Video that is designed to grab viewers' attention and encourage sharing over social media outlets.  



CineBrand grew out of my desire to raise the bar for small businesses and creatives (like myself), who want to get noticed in a competitive marketplace, but can't afford expensive marketing campaigns on a regular basis.  

My background as an independent Filmmaker and Screenwriter, combined with over 20 years experience making short films, has taught me how to produce inexpensive, professional videos, that are story-driven and visually engaging, while revealing the personality behind your business: you.         



CineBrand is owned and operated by Sean Francis Ellis, a Screenwriter, Director, Editor and Producer, based in Sydney, Australia.  Since 1994, Sean has worked in film and television production in Australia and the US, while writing and directing short films, music videos and promotional videos.  

Sean began making films at age 11, while growing up in Sydney, Melbourne and Hong Kong.  As a teenager, Sean made "Hong Kong Hookie", a 25-minute film which helped earn him a place in the VCA School of Film and Television, in Melbourne, Australia.  

During the course, Sean made several 16mm shorts, while training in Screenwriting, Direction, Editing and Cinematography.  Sean graduated with a Bachelor of Film and Television Production, in 1994.  

In 2006, Sean interned with production companies in Los Angeles; writing Script Coverage and learning the studio development process, and worked as an Assistant on the Universal Studios lot.  While based in LA ('06 - '11), Sean frequented screenwriting workshops and seminars, pitching his projects to studios and production companies, and networking in the heart of the entertainment industry.  

Sean's third screenplay, "Claws", was a finalist in the Beverly Hills Film Festival Screenwriting Competition, in 2010.  That year, Sean wrote, directed and produced a proof-of-concept short, based on the feature screenplay (see VIDEOS page).  

Since 2011, Sean has developed "The Legend of Yakatutch" with Producer Laura Sivis.  In 2014, the project was awarded Best Project & Pitch by a panel of international judges, during the 3-D Stereo Media Summit in Liege, Belgium.  Courage Films is packaging the film, which is set in the Yukon Territory, Canada.  

In 2015, Sean wrote the short script, "Angel Dust", a Crime-Thriller to be filmed in Sydney.  Sean has several screenplays at various stages of development.  Visit for more information.       

A pleasure to work with. Very enthusiastic, a hard worker and team player. Highly knowledgeable about film both from a technical and historical perspective. Excellent script coverage as he has great taste and a very firm grasp of the mechanics of storytelling.
— — Casey Crowe managed Sean at Larger Than Life Productions, Universal Studios