CineBrand offer a range of services, from VIDEO PRODUCTION to SCREENWRITING, to tell the story of your business.   


Branding Films - between 30 seconds and 5 minutes, depending on your specific needs.  A Branding Film tells the story of you and your services, encapsulating your brand identity (or product) in a visually interesting, emotionally engaging video, to be shared on social media and websites, on TV, or in cinemas.  Video makes a bigger impact than traditional photography or text, creating a more compelling, personalised and intimate impression with customers.  

A Branding Film is ideal for small businesses, sole traders or individuals wanting to market their business, personal brand, or service. For example: hairdressing salon, café, landscape gardening service, interior design business, fashion designer, model or actor, physical therapist.  

Social media can be tracked accurately, so is therefore preferable for marketing, and is cheaper than traditional print, TV or radio advertising. Rising internet speeds and the high cost of traditional advertising underscore the benefits of a low-cost, engaging video which can be shared millions of times on social media platforms, while being tracked accurately.  

Wedding Films - Taking a cinematic, yet low-key approach, our Wedding Films evoke the romance, joy, and special moments you'll want to cherish, or share with friends and family, long after the big day.  We'll adapt to suit your schedule, style and budget, delivering professional results at an affordable price.       

Music Videos - Featuring any kind of musical act or performance, a Music Video is tailored to suit your specific musical or visual style, based on your budget level and intended audience.     

Training Films - If your business frequently hires or trains staff, a Training Film can efficiently get employees up-to-speed with your work-place practices and regulations, while conveying the unifying message and mission of your business.   

Webinars - Featuring you or someone else addressing the camera, in a news-style delivery format.  Ideal for updates and "news items" about your business, or just a great way for your customers to see the person or people running the show.  A low-cost alternative if you're just getting started, or need regular videos to post to websites or social media.   

Documentaries - Long-form projects, delving more deeply into a particular subject. Documentary films can tell historical, conceptual or present-day stories, reveal the process involved in creating a large project (eg. a stage or film production), document a humanitarian cause or rescue mission, or explore more personal, human subjects (eg. survival stories or triumphing over adversity).  To read more about my current project, "Island School: Celebrating 50 years", visit the campaign page on INDIEGOGO


Copy-Writing/Editing - Marketing Materials, Website Content, Biographies, Product Descriptions.  Any kind of written content for your website, or marketing needs.

Blogging - Short articles on specific subjects, articulating what your business is passionate about, are an effective way to engage with customers and optimise searches on Google, via Search Engine Optimisation.  

Script Writing - Feature-length, Short, Commercial, Show-Reel, Audition piece.  If you'd like a script written for a specific purpose, or help with a script you're writing, contact us.     


Screenplay Coverage - For Screenwriters of all experience levels.


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Trailer for the Documentary Feature, "Island School: Celebrating 50 Years". Filmed in Hong Kong in June 2017. Currently in Post-Production.

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