CineBrand tells the story of you and your business, through the medium of video.  Utilising the language of cinema to convey the purpose of your business, and the passion you have for it, CineBrand will set you and your brand apart from all others.  

CineBrand takes a personalised approach, consulting with you to produce films that reflect your individual story and business identity.  

CineBrand provide a low-cost, high quality service, utilising years of experience and specialised skills in Screenwriting, Copy-writing, Directing, Camerawork and Editing, to produce each short film.  Unlike more expensive corporate video companies, which use a mass-market, corporate approach to package a product, CineBrand emphasise your personal journey, highlighting the passion and individuality you bring to your business.  

what we do

CineBrand produce short videos for small businesses and individuals, which promote your brand and services on websites and social media.  In addition to Branding Videos, CineBrand produce Music Videos, Wedding Videos, Training Videos, Webinars, or Marketing Videos to satisfy your specific needs.  

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Beyond telling the story of your business through video, CineBrand also offer Copy Writing, Editing, Blogging, Screenwriting and Web Content services, to help you create a professional, consistent image for your business or personal brand, on websites and social media.  

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